Braywood Cricket Club - Player Responsibilities

Braywood Players’ Responsibilities

You have a responsibility to ensure that you play the game in a good spirit and to help your team epitomise the Spirit of Cricket. This involves respect for your opponents, for your own captain, for the role of the umpires and for the traditional values of the game.

As a Braywood player you are expected to cooperate with your Captains to ensure that match days run smoothly.  You should:

  • Arrive at matches 30 minutes before the start time
  • Not leave the ground during the game without your Captain’s permission
  • Stay to help after the game

Some of the tasks that you and your teammates are expected to help with are listed below.  Captains will often have other tasks they will ask you to do.

Before Match

  • Check both changing rooms are ready for use
  • Open the scorebox and check ready for use
  • Turn on the immersions to heat shower water
  • Fill the tea water urn
  • Put the stumps out
  • Position the sightscreens
  • Put the boundary rope in place
  • Get the umpires coats are ready, with bails, counters, markers
  • Put sawdust in place, if needed

Match in Progress

  • Do the scorebook
  • Keep the scoreboard up to date
  • Umpire

At Tea

  • Ensure umpires and opponents have access to their tea before you and your teammates
  • Clear used plates and cups to the kitchen

After Match

  • Close up the scorebox
  • Put the stumps away
  • Put the umpires coats away
  • Turn off the immersion heaters
  • Copy up the scorebook
  • Complete any result sheets
  • Collect the match fees
  • Make a note of players’ availability for future matches

Thank you to Braywood players for helping match days run smoothly