Braywood Cricket Club - Children Away From the Club Policy

Braywood Cricket Club – Managing Children Away from the Club Policy

Statement of intent

In any given season the potential exists for 50% of matches to be away from the club.

Braywood Cricket Club has adopted the following policy managing children away from home based on the ECB guidance on the subject.

This policy applies to all trips to venues outside Braywood Cricket Club, where one or more players are under the age of 18. This includes junior fixtures and senior fixtures where one or more juniors are included in the side.



Before the trip, the following roles shall be assigned to specific people by the club’s Child Welfare Officer:

  • Team Manager - This shall be an adult member of the travelling group. This will normally be the Junior Team Manager for junior fixtures, or the Team Captain for senior fixtures.
  • Home Contact - This shall be an adult who is not travelling, and shall be contactable at home for the duration of the trip.

Both of these shall have been CRB checked through the ECB.


Before the Trip

Before the trip, the following preparation shall be undertaken:

The Club’s Child Welfare Officer shall:

  • Identify the list of juniors who will be on the trip.
  • Prepare two trip information packs. Each pack shall contain the list of juniors on the trip, their emergency contact information, medical information, and consent to photograph information. One pack shall be given to the team manager. The other shall be given to home contact.
  • Prepare a Club Policies Pack. This pack shall contain all club policy documents. The pack shall be given to the team manager.


The Team Manager shall:

Establish and communicate the following information to parent(s) and the club home contact:

  • When the trip will take place – date, time and estimated time of finishing.
  • Where the trip is to, including the destination and venue.
  • Where the meeting points will be, at home and at the away venue.
  • Staffing arrangements, including the name and contact details of the Team Manager responsible for the trip.
  • Kit and equipment requirements.
  • Details of cost implications, including the competition fee, any spending or pocket money needed and the transport costs.
  • Name and contact number of the person acting as the ‘Club Home Contact’.
  • Arrangements for food and drink.

Take possession of a trip information pack and club policies pack from the club’s Child Welfare Officer, and take it with them on the trip.

Ensure that there are sufficient junior supervisors on the trip. There must be at least two supervisors on the trip (unless there is only one junior on the trip), one of whom can be the Team Manager. There must be at least one supervisor for ever eight under 9s, and one supervisor for every ten 9 and overs on the trip. All supervisors must have been CRB checked by the ECB


The Club Home Contact shall: 

  • Take possession of a trip information pack from the club’s Child Welfare Officer.
  • Take contact details for the team manager while on the trip.
  • Be contactable for the entire period of the trip


During the trip

During the trip, the Team Manager shall:

  • Count all junior members before and after each journey. A journey shall be a period of travel during which juniors do not have a reasonable opportunity to leave their vechicle.
  • Inform all juniors of an agreed meeting point and instruct all juniors that if they get lost or separated from the group, they should return to the agreed meeting point and wait for someone to find them. For cricket grounds, the agreed meeting point shall normally be wherever the team kitbag is located.
  • Inform the Club Home Contact if there are any significant changes in the plan for the trip, including any change of more than half an hour in estimated time of return.
  • Inform the Club Home Contact if there are any significant problems during the trip, including but not limited to missing children, injuries and illness.


End of the Trip

At the end of the trip, the Team Manager shall:

  • Keep all juniors under their care at the agreed meeting point until they are collected by their parents, unless agreed otherwise with the parent/guardian before hand.


Overnight trips

 Braywood Cricket Club shall not allow juniors to take part in overnight trips.


If juniors are to travel on an overnight trip, then this policy shall be updated to cover overnight trips, based on ECB Safe Hands Policy on junior overnight trips.